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Alkaline Mediterranean Cookbook

Alkaline Mediterranean Cookbook

47 Delicious Clean Food Recipes to Help You Enjoy a Healthy Lifestyle and Lose Weight without Feeling Deprived

by Elena Garcia
Publication Date: 15/07/2020
Alkaline-Mediterranean Eating for Natural Weight Loss and Vibrant Health
A simple, hybrid diet approach aimed at enriching your diet with delicious and nutritious foods.

So that you can easily:
- Enjoy a healthy lifestyle without feeling deprived
- Make healthy eating exciting and fun and enjoy delicious, nourishing meals with your family and friends (no more "dieting"!)
- Combine nutrient-packed alkaline vegetables and greens with quality animal products, to create optimal balance (and never feel bored again!)
- Start losing weight naturally, by improving the quality of your calories and consuming delicious foods that can speed up your metabolism (without going hungry or feeling like you have to give up your favorite foods forever)
- Enjoy more energy naturally, by giving your body exactly what it needs to thrive
- Feel confident and empowered knowing that you eat your way to vibrant health, while, potentially, reducing the risk of many preventable diseases
- Gain more focus - so that you can perform better at work and feel amazing in your body!

Here's exactly what you will discover inside The Alkaline-Mediterranean Cookbook:
-47 delicious and easy to follow, clean food, Alkaline-Mediterranean recipes, including vegan, vegetarian, fish, seafood and meat recipes, as well as salads, treats and desserts
-bonus - 7 delicious Alkaline-Mediterranean smoothie recipes
-alkaline food lists and easy-to-follow explanations

Ready to eat your way to vibrant health and natural weight loss?

Order your copy now and join hundreds of others who are already using this new hybrid diet and reach your health and fitness goals!
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