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And Came the Spring

And Came the Spring

by Marrijane Hayes and Joseph Hayes

Publication Date: 19/11/2010

ComedyCharacters: 9 male, 8 female Interior Set Always humorous, the play never loses sight of the fact that these youngsters are experiencing emotions which, though comic to an older eye, are new and wonderful and important to the young people. This is the brightly human story of what happens in the Hartman household when Midge, the youngest, affected by spring, finds herself in the throes of first love. This charming hoyden thinks nothing of starting whirlwinds to impress the young man of her choice - who happens unluckily to be in love wth Midge's older sister, Virginia. In a series of unexpected and delightful manipulations, Midge almost causes Virginia to lose the right boy and to be suspected as a thief; drops a bombshell into Mr. Hartman's business; disrupts brilliant brother Elliott's carefully (and comically) planned life; threatens her mother's social position - in short, threatens the well-being of all concerned, including her own lively companions. And at the end of the second act the world comes smashing down around an angered family and a bewildered Midge. But on the night of the Spring Prom - Midge's first formal dance - if she gets to go - Midge steps in again and sets matters straight in a heart-warming and funny fashion. And by the end of th play, the three Hartman youngsters have taken important steps toward maturity. A play for high schools which will delight those especially who demand literary excellence as well as strong audience appeal.
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Samuel French Inc
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United States
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