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B. Typhosus Takes a Hand

B. Typhosus Takes a Hand

by Francis Lynde
Publication Date: 02/06/2019
Waking up in a Pullman car one morning, a man finds that he can't remember who he is or where he is going. Before long he learns his name is Rodney Hazzard, and his destination is the small Appalachian community of South Tredegar, where he's apparently a businessman of some importance. Embarrassed by his predicament Hazzard - who apparently lost his memory upon being stricken with typhoid fever - attempts to bluff his way forward until such time as his memory returns, which his local doctor has predicted. But he may not have as much time as he thinks: the amnesiac is implicated in murder and a big business deal hangs in the balance! A classic of suspense that presages the type of yarn in which Cornell Woolrich later excelled.FRANCIS LYNDE (1856-1930) specialized in a type of story very much coveted by Charles Agnew MacLean, editor of Street & Smith's The Popular Magazine, one of the best-selling pulp magazines of the early 20th century. Lynde frequently wrote of ambitious, clean-living young American men surmounting difficult obstacles to succeed in difficult business ventures. He also created a well-liked sleuth, Scientific Sprague, and sold yarns to pulps and slicks alike while remaining one of the mainstays of The Popular until his death in 1930.This is the seventh volume in the ten-book "Forgotten Classics of Pulp Fiction" series.
Thriller / suspense
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Independently Published
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