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Batman and Robin - The Hunt for Robin

Batman and Robin - The Hunt for Robin

by Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason
Publication Date: 01/07/2015

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After losing his son Damian-a.k.a. Robin-Batman has finally found peace with his death. Damian's grandfather Ra's al Ghul, however, has not. In order to resurrect Robin, he's stolen the body and now Batman-Robin s father-will stop at nothing to reclaim him. Even if that means that the Dark Knight must hunt down Ra s al Ghul from Paradise Island to Nanda Parbat.

While traversing his way thru some of the most dangerous and exotic locations in the DC Universe Batman meets up with his fellow teammates in the Justice League and even the noble monster Frankenstein But do they come as friends or foes? And who will win once the forces of Darkseid decide to take an interest in the future of Damian Wayne?

The best-selling creative team Peter J. Tomasi (BRIGHTEST DAY) and Patrick Gleason (GREEN LANTERN CORPS), along with Andy Kubert (BATMAN) and Doug Mahnke (GREEN LANTERN) bring you the death-defying, world-spanning BATMAN AND ROBIN: THE HUNT FOR ROBIN (collects issues #29-34 and ROBIN RISES: OMEGA #1)

Graphic novels: superheroes & super-villains
Publication Date:
DC Comics
Country of origin:
United States
Dimensions (mm):
Peter J. Tomasi

Peter J. Tomasi is a New York Times best-selling author known for his current work on Superman and previous projects Batman & Robin, Superman/Wonder Woman, Batman: Detective Comics and Batman: Arkham Knight, along with other commercially successful books such as Green Lantern Corps, Brightest Day, Emerald Warriors and Nightwing.

Over the course of his career with DC Comics - more than two decades of hit books - Peter served as a group editor, ushering in new eras for Batman, Green Lantern and the JSA along with special projects like Kingdom Come.

Peter also is the author of the creator-owned books Light Brigade (Dark Horse) with artist Peter Snejbjerg, The Mighty (Dark Horse) with Keith Champagne and artists Peter Snejbjerg and Chris Samnee and the critically acclaimed horror/drama series House of Penance (Dark Horse) with artist Ian Bertram.

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