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Batman and Son

Batman and Son

by Grant Morrison and Patrick Gleason
Publication Date: 11/06/2019
Batman has a son. He is 10 years old. His mother is the heir apparent to The League of Assassins. His name is Damian Wayne and he is the world's deadliest pain in the a**.

This essential edition collects the Batman & Son story line, as well as the entirety of Grant Morrison's Black Glove Saga together in one volume for the first time Grant Morrison (The Green Lantern, Final Crisis, All-Star Superman) and Andy Kubert (DK III: The Master Race, Flashpoint, New Challengers) give Batman the shock of his life when he discovers that he has a son, Damian Wayne Then, mysterious Batman imposters are appearing throughout Gotham. In order to solve this enigma, Batman must confront his deepest memories of the childhood trauma that made him the Dark Knight - the murder of his parents on the fateful night in Crime Alley.

The DC Essential Edition series of graphic novels highlights the best standalone stories the medium has to offer featuring comics' greatest characters. These trade paperback editions focus on the easiest entry points to DC's vast library, with seminal, groundbreaking tales that transcend the printed page. Start with the Essentials.

Collects Batman #655-658 and 663-675 and stories from 52 #30 and #47

Graphic novels: superheroes & super-villains
Publication Date:
DC Comics
Country of origin:
United States
Dimensions (mm):
Grant Morrison

Grant Morrison was born in Glasgow in 1960. As a comics writer, he is renowned for his bold reinventions of existing superheroes and his own authored titles.

He has had successful runs on Batman, Animal Man, Doom Patrol, JLA, The Invisibles, New X-Men, Fantastic Four and All Star Superman. His Batman: Arkham Asylum is the best-selling original graphic novel ever published.

A documentary on his life and work, Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods, was released in November 2010.

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