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Bedtime Stories for Stressed-Out Adults

Bedtime Stories for Stressed-Out Adults

Fantasy stories and poems for stress relief and a good night of relaxed sleep. Lullabies for grown-ups

by Daisy Relaxing
Publication Date: 16/10/2020
Are you too stressed out? Are you struggling to have a good night's sleep?

Adult life is stressful. Adults juggle responsibilities, relationships, debts, balance checkbooks like walking on a tightrope, and have to put dinner on the table every night!

Parents have even more stress providing for their children. What is a stressed-out adult to do?

The first thing is to get a good night's sleep, something often so elusive it is like chasing a dream!

But in these stories, the dreams come to us, and sweep us away to places and times we may have forgotten, or only think we have forgotten until the magic takes hold of us again.

Join Jenny and her daughter as they explore the Dreamtime adventures of Jaina, a young woman whose restful nighttime scenes transform from summer to winter, sea to sky, the night today.

Jaina meets the many denizens of the dreaming world and joins them as her tales blend fantasy with reality, painting vivid pictures to help you drift away into the sweet embrace of sleep.

Bedtime Stories for Stressed-Out Adults eases the stress of the day by returning to the most basic and calming elements that relaxed and reinvigorated us growing up.

These stories explore the wonder of the sleeping world as told through the dreams of foxes, trees, dolphins, even the land and stars themselves.

Each scene weaves together mythic surreality with the perceptions of an adult struggling with the stress of everyday life.

The music of the dream itself underlies the grand symphony that collects each tale, each poem, into a harmonious escape. In this place, no danger, no stressor, no burden nor blemish can mar the sheer beauty of a world unchanged since we first began to dream.

Come, join the adventures, and remember what inspired you, moved you, and gave you that sense of perfect nighttime peace.

It is too easy to become wrapped up in the stressful adult life and forget about the purer things that once gave a sheer joy to the possibility of tomorrow.

Bedtime Stories for Stressed-Out Adults helps you to remember the good things and view them through a lens where dreams were not relegated merely to sleep. They were adventures into other worlds, promises of what would be and what could be.

These stories and poems will reignite your imagination and restore that missing sense of relaxation to help you sleep.

Come and dream with Jaina and the amazing world she sees once she closes her eyes.

In this book, you will find:

A look into the fantastical world of dreams, where animals, plants, and even the earth and stars above experience dreams
Memories that blend family holiday traditions with seasonal changes that touch upon the journeys that lead us to adulthood
Parallels to the lives we know drawn to the things we remember, helping to remind us of what life is truly like when we don't stress over everything
A variety of stories and poems that capture the essence of the best things in life, to be heard alone before bedtime or with a loved one

Would You like to explore the Dreamtime adventures of Jaina and ease the stress of the day?
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