Before You Love Again

Before You Love Again

by Janet St Marie

Hardback Publication Date: 28/02/2014

Have You Ever Been Hurt in Love? Few of us go through life without experiencing a disappointment, loss or painful break-up on our journey to find love. Even fewer learn how to manage the fallout from these traumatic events. We hear "time heals all wounds"-but just how much time does that mean? Decades? A lifetime? The healing process, if left just to time, is excruciatingly slow. We miss out on so much life-and joy-while we await the blessed relief of emotional healing. Th is book teaches you how to accelerate your own healing process using simple techniques based on Energy Psychology ("EP"). EP techniques, many developed by clinical therapists, are easily learned and can be used any time to alleviate suffering or eliminate negativity. You'll learn how to remove your blocks to love and finally move on from the past, to create new and lasting love in your life. In Before You Love Again, you will learn how to: - Connect the dots between what you experience in life and what you believe in your head - Decide what range of power you want to live from, and how to do it - Understand the energetic mayhem your thoughts can create - Turn the mess you're in around - Create love in your life like you never could before
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Motivational Press LLC
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United States
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