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Beta Reader Superhero Writer's Handbook

Beta Reader Superhero Writer's Handbook

How to Harness the Power of Feedback to Write a Better Book

by Belinda Pollard
Publication Date: 01/02/2019
Beta readers are the quiet superheroes of today's publishing. They are the volunteers who read our manuscripts to give a reader's perspective, and show us the things we just can't see for ourselves. Maybe you've tried to get manuscript feedback in the past, but you've run into these common problems...-"I can't find the right people."-"They are too slow."-"They don't give me anything useful."-"They are too nice."-"They hated my book and broke my heart."Multi-award-winning author Belinda Pollard knows how you feel. She has faced all these challenges and developed unique solutions, drawing from her work as a developmental editor over two decades. This practical and highly-readable book will help you develop a customized feedback strategy for your manuscripts - and become the writer you were born to be.-"An invaluable book for every writer - indie or traditional. Great, thoughtful and inspiring advice." Jodie Lane, Turning Points time travel adventure series -"Essential reading for any author who wants to continue to grow." Debbie Young, Sophie Sayers Village Mysteries-"Undeniably useful and will serve both as a guide and mentor to authors looking for necessary feedback and support." Molly Greene, Gen Delacourt Mysteries-"If anyone wants to know about beta reading, Belinda's blog is my go-to recommended resource... now this book is." Sally Vince, Editor
Self-help & personal development
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Small Blue Dog Publishing Pty Ltd
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