Bringing Evidence into Everyday Practice

Bringing Evidence into Everyday Practice

Practical Strategies for Healthcare Professionals

by Winnie Dunn

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 15/07/2008

Evidence-based research and decision making are increasingly in demand in professional practice. ""Bringing Evidence into Everyday Practice: Practical Strategies for Healthcare Professionals"" is a unique workbook that offers students and professionals efficient strategies for translating evidence into everyday practices.Dr. Winnie Dunn has designed ""Bringing Evidence into Everyday Practice"" to be used as a step-by-step resource for students and professionals on how to understand and use evidence available in research and how to build solid decision-making patterns that will support professional practice.With a vast amount of resources available today, it is critical for both the novice and experienced practitioner to use effective tactics. By following the specific steps inside ""Bringing Evidence into Everyday Practice"", a student, professional, interdisciplinary team, or study group can learn how to derive meaning from research articles in a more efficient way and then use the information to make informed decisions in everyday practice. Written in a user-friendly format, this text provides research articles and worksheets in a side-by-side layout as a convenient method for interpreting research.It includes: step by step directions for understanding and using literature to craft evidence-based plans in professional practice; exercises that provide practice on how to properly read research articles; activities to prepare students and clinicians on how to synthesize information across similar articles; applications that will teach how to understand methods and results; and, opportunities for reflecting in action about one's own current practices and how to refine them.""Bringing Evidence into Everyday Practice: Practical Strategies for Healthcare Professionals"" is the only text that can both act as a companion workbook to literature and also encompass volumes of research within one text.
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Paperback / softback
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SLACK Incorporated
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