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Cancer Sucks

Cancer Sucks

A True Story

by David Yates

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 23/08/2011

If lightning doesn't strike the same place twice, what are the odds that cancer would strike David Yates three times - and he would survive? David Yates survived serving military duty in Vietnam, only to come home and find out that he had cancer - malignant melanoma, to be exact. After surgery and recovery time he was finally getting back on his feet when the cancer returned less than two years later. Surgery and treatment again followed, and David was back into his life - changed, but still moving forward. More than three decades later, David found himself receiving the news of a cancer diagnosis for the third time. Cancer Sucks - A True Story is Davis's story. From the moment of that third diagnosis - this time for colon cancer - David was determined to see this through to its completion. He hadn't let cancer beat him in the past, and it wouldn't beat him this time, either. Cancer Sucks is no "woe is me" story, though. This is a story of survival, of making it through to the other side of illness, and - above all - of helping others to do the same. Filled not only with personal stories, but also first-hand accounts of what to expect when going through treatments, David's story becomes a new only explains how he has made it through, but he urges us all to pay more attention to our bodies and to take our health into our own hands. Perhaps this is not just David's story after all, but a cautionary tale for all of us. Book jacket.
Biography: science
Paperback / softback
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Salem Author Services
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United States
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