Catalan Style Recipes

Catalan Style Recipes

A Cookbook of Catalan Region Spanish Dish Ideas!

by Thomas Kelly

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 27/11/2019

Why spend time learning about Catalan cuisine?What does it offer for you and your family and dinner guests? Catalan cuisine has in the past and is still absorbing influences that are integral to shaping the country's diverse, rich culinary traditions. The recipes are influenced by French, Italian, Greek and Roman culture. Each has left its mark on their cuisine, and the local cuisine takes the best of those countries and creates its own culinary style. The region of Catalonia includes fields, coastlines and mountains. For this reason, many typical recipes include meat or fish. Fresh products are readily available, thanks to Catalan farmers who work the land and bring the traditions and tastes to their people. It is also a stunning example of Mediterranean cuisine. Behind today's Catalan cuisine, you will find a story about a country, a region, and a certain way of doing things, all of which makes their recipes incredibly tasty. Food is an enormous part of Catalonia and its largest city, Barcelona. It dictates their daily schedules. Catalan people often eat meals later in the day than other Europeans. Learning the habits of the people will help you recreate their cuisine. Try some of these recipes soon!
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Paperback / softback
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