Choosing Happy

Choosing Happy

28 Proven Hacks to Defeat Sadness and Embrace a Joy Filled Life

by heidi FarrellyElaine Roughton and Planet Prudence

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 01/02/2018

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Do you find it hard to get excited about life? Are you irritable, struggling to escape negative thoughts, or overwhelmed by persistent sadness?You¿re not alone. These are all symptoms of low mood, and are shared by millions of people globally. Often unrecognized, low mood is an emotional state that, while milder than depression, can negatively affect every aspect of your life.It has reached epidemic levels in our society, and the way we think, view, and react to life is only making things worse.The good news is, it can be beaten!Choosing Happy explores the science behind your sadness. It teaches you to find and enjoy the little things that make life the crazy, amazing mess it is, and includes the facts, hacks, and action steps you need to defeat low mood and instill happiness into your life.Low mood is not a part of who you are, and it¿s not something you have to live with forever.You CAN live an outrageously happy life. You just need to know how.
Self-help & personal development
Paperback / softback
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