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Christ the Virgin

Christ the Virgin 1

The Forgotten Purpose of Christianity

by Samael Aun Weor
Publication Date: 15/01/2014
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The energy that liberates a human being from suffering is known around the world by many names, such as Christ, Osiris-Ra, Quetzalcoatl, Jupiter, Avalokitesvara etc. That is, Christ is a force at the very foundation of existence and which can emerge in a properly prepared individual. Such a pure, divine energy can only be born in us through an immaculate conception that mysterious symbol present in every great mythological and religious tradition. Bringing the Christ into the world is the duty of the Virginal Mother. The ancient Christian tradition represented the Virgin Mother just as the Egyptians did: as a virtuous, chaste woman blessed with the sacred duty of giving birth to the saviour of the world. Unfortunately, over the centuries, the public was not taught about the true importance or nature of the Divine Mother or how to work with her. Now, with the knowledge written in this book, anyone can have the precious experience of talking to their own inner Divine Mother and be prepared for the birth of Christ within which is the beginning of the Direct Path to absolute liberation. Topics include: What are Christ and Christianity?; What is the Aquarian Age?;
The essential foundation of all religions; Prophecies coming true now; Immaculate conceptions, both spiritual and physical.
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Glorian Publishing
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United States
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1 Review

Had several hours of backseat car journeying today and took the opportunity to read this one. I gave it as a gift to my ex before I actually read much of it myself and was fortunate to be treated to a reading aloud of the first chapter or so from her which left me in little doubt at the time that it wasn't really the best introductory book.
As a student of Gnosis myself, yes, I got a lot out of it, will read it again, and would highly recommend the book! I have however been questing for a Samael Aun Weor book that works as well as the wonderful "Karma Is Negotiable" in terms of diseminating the essential teachings to a contemporary audience.
My observations are that although it's a really great cover, great format and the perfect number of pages to give as an introduction to Gnosis to someone with a modern attention span, it's not really ideal for such a purpose due to it's unqualified use of terms like "elohim" and "aelohim" very early in the book. My ex was lost right away, despite me trying to explain the terms and I know she's not going to venture further after that initial hurdle as to her it may as well be gibberish, sadly.
As a primer on esoteric Gnostic Christianity, it's fairly ok, but I felt that if I handed this to one of my "conventional christian" friends the information and the way it's presented might not be enough to convince them to investigate further. Some parts are quite wooly and depend upon the reader being someone who will take the author as a definite authority whose word they are willing to take on trust.
That's my first impression from my reading today. I would like a book that spells it out better with more in the way of well argued "references". Fair enough, I know that Master Samael wrote it from the position of knowing the truth directly himself and therefore had no need to try and justify what he was saying, but I think the information on the true nature of Christianity on the gnosticteachings website and lectures is more powerful and potent as a tool for Gnostic evangelism than this particular slim volume.

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