by Laura Adams

Publication Date: 01/10/1998

Dina Rowland knows she doesn't have to like her clients -- her job is to make them rich. Her superiors at the investment firm have made it clear that her success with the finances of internationally famous designer Leo Goranson will make or break her career. So she ignores her famous client's debauched lifestyle and crude overtures, and concentrates all her attention on the business at hand. Until she meets Leo's exquisite new model ... Christabel.

While the uncaring fashion world focuses only on Christabel's breathtaking beauty, Dina is inexplicably drawn by her strange vulnerability ... her sad eyes full of unanswered questions. Because all the women in her family have suffered through short unhappy lives, Christabel expects no more for herself. Resigned to a brief existence of pain and cruelty, her only desire is to leave a mark on the world before she leaves it.

Intrigued and fascinated, Dina extends a friendly, hand to the mysterious young woman -- never suspecting that Christabel's touch will rock the foundations of her carefully planned life ... and leave her wanting more.

Adult & contemporary romance
Publication Date:
Bella Books, Incorporated
Country of origin:
United States
Dimensions (mm):

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