Copper Veins

Copper Veins

by Jennifer Allis Provost

Publication Date: 25/07/2017

Sara s pretty sure her life is perfect. Not only are she and Micah finally married, her father, who d been missing since the Magic Wars, has been found. Actually, he just strode up to the manor s front door, but whatever. Sara knows better than to look a gift horse in the mouth. But Baudoin Corbeau isn t content to return to family life. He s decided that he will be the force of change in the Mundane world, and lead the Elemental resistance to victory with his children at his side. What s worse, Baudoin doesn t approve of Sara s marriage, and makes every attempt to separate her from Micah. After a visit to the Mundane realm leaves Sara, Max and Sadie imprisoned by the Peacekeepers, Sara s doubts creep to the surface. Is her father right? Does she belong in the Mundane realm, not the Otherworld? Is Micah really the right man--make that elf--for her? Was marrying him a mistake?"
Publication Date:
Spencer Hill Press
Country of origin:
United States
Dimensions (mm):

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