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Crown and Country

Crown and Country

The Kings and Queens of England

by David Starkey

CD-Audio Publication Date: 07/05/2019


The monarchy is one of Britain's longest surviving institutions-as well as one of its most tumultuous and revered. In this masterful book, David Starkey looks at the monarchy as a whole, charting its history from Roman times, to the Wars of the Roses, the chaos of the Civil War, the fall of Charles I, and Cromwell's emergence as Lord Protector-all the way up until the Victorian era when Britain's monarchs came face-to-face with modernity.

This brilliant collection of biographies of Britain's kings and queens provides an in-depth examination of what the British monarchy has meant, what it means now, and what it will continue to mean. Bringing to life a cast of colorful characters, Starkey's trademark energy and authority make him the perfect guide on this epic, accessible, and compelling journey, as he offers us a vivid portrait of British culture, politics, and nationhood through an institution that has defined the realm for nearly two thousand years.

Publication Date:
HarperCollins Publishers
Country of origin:
United States

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