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Devour 1

Ancient Unstoppable Unleashed

by L. A. Larkin
Publication Date: 12/07/2016
4/5 Rating 1 Reviews

DEVOUR is an action-packed conspiracy thriller with a spine-chilling psychological thriller sub-plot an enthralling female central character and a climax that will leave you breathless.

Their greatest fear was contaminating an ancient Antarctic lake, buried beneath the ice for millions of years. They little knew the catastrophe they were about to unleash.

Welcome to the high octane world of Olivia Wolfe.

As an investigative journalist, Wolfe lives her life in constant peril. Hunted by numerous enemies who are seldom what the first seem, she must unravel a complex web of lies to uncover an even more terrifying truth.

From the poppy palaces of Afghanistan and Antarctica's forbidding wind-swept ice sheets, to a top-secret military base in the Nevada desert, Wolfe's journey will ultimately lead her to a man who would obliterate civilisation. She must make an impossible choice: save a life - or prevent the death of millions.

Crime & Mystery
Publication Date:
Little, Brown Book Group Limited
Country of origin:
United Kingdom
Dimensions (mm):
L. A. Larkin

British-Australian thriller author, L.A. Larkin, has been likened to Michael Crichton and Matthew Reilly. The Genesis Flaw was nominated for four crime fiction awards and Thirst described as, 'The best Antarctic thriller since Ice Station'. An adventurer at heart, Larkin has spent time in the Antarctic, with scientists at the British Antarctic Survey and the Australian Antarctic Division.

L. A. Larkin lives in Sydney and London, and teaches mystery and thriller writing.

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating

4 / 5 (1 Ratings)
  • an exciting page-turner

    by on

    Devour is the third novel by British/Australian author, L.A.Larkin. Before investigative journalist Olivia Wolfe has even unpacked the backpack she took to Afghanistan, her editor is sending her to Antarctica. A friend of his is directing the British Antarctic Survey’s mission to drill down to Lake Ellsworth in search of life below the ice. The various mishaps all start to look more and more like sabotage when one of their engineers is murdered.

    The race is on between the BAS and the Russians to be the first to find life, so the Home Office doesn’t want a police investigation. Olivia shares the team’s excitement when they finally succeed and a hitherto unknown species of bacteria is discovered, but when she spies some suspicious activity, she becomes a target herself, and is blamed for yet a further instance of sabotage.

    It seems no one has been completely open about their past, including their brilliant Russian-born engineer, Vitaly Yushkov, and when samples, scientists and reporters head back home, he suffers the worst that terrorism task force DCI Dan Casburn can dish out. But it’s not over when they return to England: there’s a vial of the lake water missing and few people know just what it can do.

    Larkin gives the reader a rollercoaster ride that careens through the mansion of an Afghani terrorist, the icy wastes of the Antarctic, the top secret laboratories of England to a gripping climax at the Hoover Dam. Olivia is shot at, beaten, framed, stalked and slandered as she tries to get justice for the wrongly accused, save the innocent and get her story. Non-stop action makes this an exciting page-turner.