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Double Exposure, Level 17

Double Exposure, Level 17

Oxford Level 17 Double Exposure

by Gillian PhilipNikki Gamble and Euan Cook

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 15/04/2019

Martin loves taking photos, especially of birds, and so a big photography competition at school should be a dream come true. However, he has Sophia for a partner, who is aloof and spiky and would rather take a photo of a bin than a bird. But as Martin learns more about her life, and her roleas a carer for her mum, he discovers they can find a way to work together and begin to see things from a different angle.Reflect is a series of emotionally powerful books with realistic settings, carefully crafted to promote thoughtful discussions and develop higher-level reading comprehension. Written by top childrens authors and developed with Literacy expert and Series Editor Nikki Gamble, these are books you cantrust to engage, entertain and support childrens personal development.The books are finely levelled, making it easy to match every child to stories with the right depth and complexity for them, and helping them to progress. Each book contains inside cover notes to help children deepen their understanding and support their reading comprehension. Teaching notes onOxford Owl offer cross-curricular links to relationships education and support literacy skills.
Educational: English language & literacy
Paperback / softback
Publication Date:
Oxford University Press
Country of origin:
United Kingdom
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