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Effective Java Programming Language

Effective Java Programming Language

by Joshua Bloch
Publication Date: 05/06/2001
--Gilad Bracha, Computational Theologist, Sun Microsystems, Inc., and co-author of The Java Language Specification, Second Edition I sure wish I had this book ten years ago. Some might think that I dont need any Java books, but I need this one. --James Gosling, Fellow and Vice President, Sun Microsystems, Inc., and inventor of the Java programming language Are you looking for a concise book packed with insight and wisdom not found elsewhere? Need to really understand the Java programming language; that is, really understand it? Do you want to write code that is clear, correct, robust, and reusable? Look no further The book you are holding will provide you with this and many other benefits you may not even know you were looking for. Become a more effective programmer. Featuring fifty-seven valuable rules of thumb, Effective Java Programming Language Guide contains working solutions to the programming challenges most developers encounter every day. Offering comprehensive descriptions of techniques used by the experts who developed the Java platform, the book reveals what to do--and what not to do--in order to produce clear, robust, and efficient code. Each rule appears in the form
Object-oriented programming (OOP)
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Prentice Hall PTR
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United States
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