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Emotions of Normal People

Emotions of Normal People

by William Moulton Marston
Publication Date: 04/11/2008
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Emotions of Normal People By WILLIAM MOULTON MARSTON. Originally published in 1928. Contents include: CHAPTER I NORMALCY AND EMOTION i You are not a Normal Person when Afraid, En raged, Deceptive Normal Emotions are Biologically Efficient Emotions-Present Emotion Names are Literary Terms, Scientifically Meaningless In what Terms can Normal Emotions be Described II MATERIALISM, VITALISM, AND PSYCHOLOGY 7 What Emotional Sets Determine Diverse Types of Psychological Concepts The Mechanistic Set Existence of Mechanistic-Type Causes and Vitalistic-Type Causes Science must Describe both Types of Causes Interaction of Mechanistic-Type and Vitalistic-Type Causes Complex Matter-Units Possess Greatest Causal Power Assignments of the Sciences Psychologys Assignment Types of Causes Emphasized by Different Schools of Emotion Investigators Psycho-Physiologists Mental-Tester-Statisticians Behaviourists Psycho-Analysts Summary Psychology of Emotion Tentatively Denned. III THE PSYCHONIC THEORY OF CONSCIOUSNESS 26 Does Consciousness Exist Proofs of Consciousness Consciousness is not Intra-neuronic Energy Consciousness is Synaptic Energy Concept of the Psychon, and of the Psychonic Impulse. IV MOTOR CONSCIOUSNESS AS THE BASIS AS FEEL ING AND EMOTION 53 Total Absence of Constructive Theory of Emotions Physiologists Disproof of James-Lange Theory Sherringtons Results Goltz Results Work of Langley, and of Cannon Unsolved Problem Motor Consciousness Theory Proofs of the Existence of Motor Consciousness Motor Consciousness Not Previously Identified with Affection Emotional Stimuli are Central, never Environmental Analysis of Intervening Factors between Environmental Stimulus and Bodily Movement Summary. V INTEGRATIVE PRINCIPLES OF PRIMARY FEEL INGS 69 Wundts Theory of Six Primary Feelings Primary Feelings are Pleasantness and Unpleasantness Originating in Motor Alliances and Conflicts--How do Motor Alliances and Conflicts Reach Consciousness Theories that Feeling is an Integral Part of Sensation Theories that Visceral Sensations are also Feelings Unsolved Problem Feeling Tone is Motor Consciousness, or Motation Integrative Principles of Pleasantness and Unpleasantness Causal Attributes of Pleasantness and Unpleasantness as Primary Ele ments of Motation Possible Objections to Proposed Theory of Pleasantness and Unpleasantness Constant Tonic Discharge Renders all Responses Initially Pleasant or - Unpleasant-Summary. VI INTEGRATIVE PRINCIPLES OF PRIMARY EMO TIONS 87 The Tonic Mechanisms Importance of Tonic Mechanisms Concepts of Motor Self and Motor Stimuli Principles of Response of Motor Self to Motor Stimulus Motor Self and Antagonistic Motor Stimuli Inferior and Superior Motor Self and Allied Motor Stimuli Inferior and Superior Differences between Psychonic Relationships of Motor Self to Allied and to Antagonistic Stimuli The Emotion Circle of Integrative Relationships between Motor Self and Motor Stimuli Outline of Integrative principles of Primary Emotions and Feelings. VII DOMINANCE 113 Dominance in the Behaviour of Forces of Nature Contrast between Motor Stimuli and Environmental Stimuli Dominance in Human and Animal Behaviour Development of Dominance Response in Young Children Borderline between Normal and Abnormal Dominance Summary and Analysis Dominance Behaviour of Less Extreme Character Dominance of the Chase Destructive Dominance Competitive Dominance Conditioning of Adult Dominance Responses Sex Differences in Dominance Summary The Pleasantness and Unpleasantness of Dominance Distinctive Conscious Characteristics of Dominance Emotion...
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Cooper Press
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United States
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