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Essential Ecuadorian Recipes

Essential Ecuadorian Recipes

An Illustrated Cookbook of South American Dish Ideas!

by Thomas Kelly
Publication Date: 30/08/2019
Have you eaten Ecuadorian foods before, and want to bring the recipes home?Do you think it might be difficult to find the proper ingredients to make them authentic?In this cookbook, you'll find many recipes favored in Ecuador. The people use a wide range of ingredients native to its regions. Seafood is used in the coastal region, and in the mountainous areas, wonderful dishes are made with crops including native potatoes, quinoa and corn. In their tropical areas, you'll find many fruits used in delicious meals, including papaya. Various types of Ecuadorian potatoes are used in many dishes. Their spicy, hot Aji peppers add zip to lots of native recipes. Their food is tasty, solid and healthy, and it's easy to cook in any kitchen, wherever you may live. Some of the most popular dishes include Inca-style tamales, humitas and ceviche with various main ingredients. Recipes of Ecuador offer you a mixture of two culinary worlds. The Incan heritage runs deep in their dishes, which are also influenced by the travelers and settlers from Europe. Most Ecuadorian regions have their traditional meals in three courses. Soup makes up the first course, followed by a pasta or rice and protein dish, then finished up with dessert, of which there are many unique and tasty treasures. Turn the page and let's cook Ecuadorian-style!
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