Everyone Brave Is Forgiven

Everyone Brave Is Forgiven 2

by Chris Cleave

Paperback Publication Date: 26/04/2016

4/5 Rating 2 Reviews
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Moving from Blitz-torn London to the Siege of Malta, this is a story of passion, loss, prejudice and incredible courage. This is the novel Chris Cleave was born to write.

The breathtaking new novel from the multi-award-winning author of The Other Hand.

When war is declared, Mary North leaves finishing school unfinished, goes straight to the War Office, and signs up.

Tom Shaw decides to give it a miss - until his flatmate Alistair unexpectedly enlists, and the conflict can no longer be avoided.

Young, bright and brave, Mary is certain she'd be a marvelous spy. When she is - bewilderingly - made a teacher, she instead finds herself defying prejudice to protect the children her country would rather forget.

Tom, meanwhile, finds that he will do anything for Mary.

And when Mary and Alistair meet, it is love, as well as war, that will test them in ways they could not have imagined, entangling three lives in violence and passion, friendship and deception, inexorably shaping their hopes and dreams.

In a powerful combination of both humour and heartbreak, this dazzling novel weaves little-known history, and a perfect love story, through the vast sweep of the Second World War - daring us to understand that, against the great theatre of world events, it is the intimate losses, the small battles, the daily human triumphs, that change us most.

"It's a war novel but not as you know it. Cleave, a Guardian journalist and celebrated novelist (Incendiary, The Other Hand), has reportedly written his best book to date with this tale of a young teacher determined to stay in Blitz-time London." - Esquire, Top 10 Best New Novels of 2016

"Among the most hyped novels of 2016" - The Independent The Best Books to Read in 2016

"a second world war story that moves between blitz-hit London, where an aristocratic young woman teaches children deemed unsuitable for evacuation, and the bombarded island of Malta." - The Guardian Books in 2016 - A literary calendar

"A story of romance and heartbreak set during World War II. " - The Washington Post - The 20 novels we can't wait to read in 2016. And this list only gets us to June

"Although humour is an important ingredient in this novel, it's a book with a lot of heart and insight ... it is profound and provocative and beautifully written." - Sunday Telegraph, Australia on THE OTHER HAND

"Exquisitely balanced between terrible sadness and brilliant humour." - Observer on THE OTHER HAND

"Big themes, high emotion and cliffhangers aplenty... an enormously affecting investigation of love, guilt and global responsibility, told with a bittersweet urgency." - Justine Jordan, Guardian on THE OTHER HAND

This book features in our Best Books of 2016 (so far)

War & combat fiction
Publication Date:
Hodder & Stoughton
Country of origin:
United Kingdom
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  • Outstanding

    by on

    Cleave has outdone himself with this eagerly awaited novel.
    Set in WWII London, one becomes engrossed in the characters’ lives, all of which are so very different despite the desperate state of the world that they have all fallen victim to.
    The story line is quite predictable but that is excused by the beautiful writing and what is offered from the characters. Mary North is the main focus and she is compelling. Tom and Alistair are both captivating and share a friendship which is so fiercely tested. Through to the end of the novel, it makes the reader sit on the fence and avoid taking sides. Zachary serves as a harsh reminder of the issues that still survive in our world today, long after the war.
    The way that Cleave can get the reader understanding London at this point in time is fantastic. It grips you and makes you crave a deeper understanding of all the themes he explores – racism, war, power, poverty and education.
    This book has parts which are hilariously funny and brutally heartbreaking in equal measure.
    I am a huge fan of Chris Cleave and although this work is extremely different to his other three novels, as always, his writing is exceptional.

  • Epic

    by on

    In Everyone Brave is Forgiven, Chris Cleave turns his literary attentions to the Second World War, the source material of so many super-selling literary smash hits of recent years. By Gum, Cleave makes light work of it.

    The all-consuming war is rendered tangible in carefully chosen prose. It's a Hollywood-ready story that I'm sure will explode onto the screen but this book is more than just drama; here you have delightful characters; witty, vulnerable and human. The author narrows down on them, shuttering out an unnecessary history lesson and keeping the wonderful Mary North as his focus.

    This book is about human beings growing, surviving, and trying to connect with one-another in a world thick with mortality. Heavy-hitting, unforgettable, Everyone Brave is Forgiven promises all the good stuff.