Fields of Summer Dreams

Fields of Summer Dreams

by Allan Sankirtan

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 06/04/2019

What if you dreamed you met your partner--your soul-mate--in a dream? A partner you have travelled with in many other realities and in other times: A partner to challenge you and inspire you with visions of future possibilities: A partner who could lead you to focus your life to explore the past, the present, or the future in an exciting new way. And what if your dream then became your reality?

Step again into the magical reality of Aidan and Effie, who met in the first book of this series in a beautiful garden, within a dream. Enjoy their challenges and lessons as they meet again, confronting their promises, their hopes and their dreams for the future and everything they think they know about themselves.

Can Aidan and Effie agree to change the dream with conscious awareness and write a new life plan? Or are they fated to follow a script they have no conscious say in, blindly playing out the roles of their lives with unawareness?

Can they remember promises once made and consciously agree to explore them in a new way, thus reshaping both their so-called past and future? Can Aidan and Effie learn to interact consciously with other aspect of their total personality focused in alternate and parallel realities? If so, how can they use this information consciously to refocus their lives, thus realising the inner blueprint of all they can possibly be?
Contemporary fiction
Paperback / softback
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Capstone Media Services
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