Gazing at the Mystery

Gazing at the Mystery

Questions and Answers About Life, Death, and the Beyond

by Samael Aun Weor

Publication Date: 01/02/2009

In this simple and lively book, Samael Aun Weor describes his experiences of a wide variety of metaphysical and paranormal phenomena. Going beyond the usual pseudo-spiritual approach, this book introduces the reader to Gnosis: the practical science of awakening the Consciousness, by means of which any person can experience the realities that exist beyond the physical senses. The author says: "Do you want to know something from the beyond? Do you want to chat with divine beings face to face?...It is indispensable to enter into the region of the dead at will, to visit the celestial regions, to know other worlds of the infinite space...Outside of the physical body, one can give to himself the luxury of invoking beloved relatives who already passed through the doors of death. They will concur to our call, then we can personally chat with them...When out of the physical body, we can acquire complete knowledge about the mysteries of death and life. Out of the physical body, we can invoke the angels in order to talk personally with them face to face."
Chapters include: Death; Goblins; Witches; Psychic Narrations; Reincarnation; Karma; New York's Blackout; The Glacial Men; Mysterious Disappearances; The Men Fish; Psychic Materializations; Cases of the Unexpected; Rocks or Something Else?; Astral Projection; The Blue Men; Nahuals; Jinn Phenomena; Jinn Instances
Publication Date:
Glorian Publishing
Country of origin:
United States
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