Gremlins Go Home

Gremlins Go Home

by Gordon R. Dickson and Ben Bova

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 03/12/2019

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Elves. Leprechauns. Gremlins. Call them what you like.

These little dudes may be the stuff of legend, but they're just as real as you and me. Far from the mythical, magical creatures of rumor, they are actually tiny aliens, marooned for centuries on this miserable mudball known as Earth. And they want just one thing: OFF

Now, human technology may finally make a reality of their dreams to leave this pathetic planet behind. NASA has a new rocket and it's Mars-bound. All the gremlins need do is hijack it and set a course for their homeworld of Gremla.

The only thing lacking is a hapless human accomplice . . .

About The Best of Bova Volume III:
"Ben Bova is a living legend. . . .The hallmarks of Bova's fiction . . . are believable human characters and complete rationality. He adheres to the philosophy articulated by John W. Campbell, Jr. . . . that the best science fiction involves not just science and technology, but their impact on people. . . . I]f you care about the history of science fiction, or if you just want to read some good stories, you'll be happy with this one."--Analog

About the award-winning stories and novels of Ben Bova:
"Technically accurate and absorbing. . ."--Kirkus

" Bova is] the science fiction author who will have the greatest effect on the world."--Ray Bradbury

"A masterful storyteller"--Vector

"Gives a good read while turning your eyes to what might be in the not so distant future, just like Clarke and Asimov used to do so well."--SFX

About Mars, Inc., by Ben Bova
". . .perfectly enjoyable as an SF book (could Bova write anything that wasn't enjoyable?), Mars, Inc. has that torn-from-the-headline vibe that's obviously intended for a larger audience. . . . the bottom line? Mars, Inc. has inspiration, excitement, thrills, romance, a dash of satire--and is a good, fun read . . . ."--Analog

"The Hugo winner returns to his most popular subject: the quest for Mars."--Publishers Weekly

". . . escapist fantasy for rocket scientists and space engineers, those dreaming of these kinds of missions. Yet Bova's story is rigorously realistic. . . . a fun read showing you do not need car chases or shootouts to deliver a fast-paced and exciting story."--Daily News of Galveston County

Praise for Time Storm by Gordon R. Dickson:

"Dickson has done a superb job."--Publishers Weekly

"Dickson at his best. . . . One of the notable science fiction novels of the year."--Booklist

"One of those rare books that holds your attention constantly. The suspense at some points is almost unbearable, leaving the reader breathless and glad the crisis has passed."--New Orleans Times-Picayune

"Science fiction that seduces. . . . A masterful science fiction story told by a masterful science fiction writer."--Milwaukee Journal

About Gordon R. Dickson:

"Dickson is one of SF's standard-bearers."--Publishers Weekly

"Dickson has a true mastery of pacing and fine understanding of human beings."--Seattle Post Intelligencer

"A masterful science fiction writer."--Milwaukee Journal

"Dickson is among the best storytellers we have ever of the finest makers that our field has ever known."--Poul Anderson

Science fiction
Paperback / softback
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Baen Books
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United States
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