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Growing a Spiritually Strong Family

Growing a Spiritually Strong Family

by Dennis RaineyBarbara Rainey and Bruce Nygren

Hardback Publication Date: 05/02/2002

Where is Your Family Headed?
Does God have plans for your family beyond accumulating stuff in a large house in a nice suburb? How can moms and dads establish a home where God s presence blesses each relationship and biblical principles shape the future? Brief chapters written by popular radio personalities Dennis and Barbara Rainey such as Pray with Your Mate, Train Your Disciples, Sink Your Roots, and Give Your Children You set out a clear, workable master plan for a dynamic, God-pleasing family. This and future titles in the series will deliver down-to-earth advice, encouraging stories, timely insights, and life-changing truths for leaving a godly family legacy.
Lead your family to a dynamic faith
Want a thriving faith at home but not sure how to make it happen? We all seek flourishing spiritual growth for our families, but struggle to keep the weeds and thorns of this world from overwhelming us.
Join Dennis and Barbara Rainey as they reveal ten secrets to nourishing your family s spiritual garden. Learn down-to-earth strategies for glorifying God and planting seeds that reap an incredible harvest for eternity. You "can" enjoy a growing spiritual vitality the abundant faith that God desires for every father, mother, daughter, and son "
Christian aspects of sexuality
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Crown Publishing Group
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United States
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