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Guilt-Free Bottle Feeding

Guilt-Free Bottle Feeding 2

Why Your Formula-Fed Baby Can Be Happy, Healthy and Smart

by Madeleine Morris and Dr Sasha Howard
Publication Date: 22/09/2014
5/5 Rating 2 Reviews
Guilt-Free Bottle Feeding is the myth-busting book about formula, breast milk and what's best for both of you. 'Breast is best' - or is it? What if you can't breastfeed? Have you failed as a mother? There is no subject more controversial for new parents than the breastfeeding versus bottle-feeding. Everyone has an opinion, and most will readily share it. Breastfeeding is fantastic but we need to be realistic: many new mums struggle to breastfeed leading to a feeling of failure. But if they move to a bottle, they can feel incredibly guilty and many feel judged by those around them. They can't win. Guilt-Free Bottle Feeding shows mums that there is absolutely no shame in bottle-feeding - and bottle-fed babies can be just as healthy, happy, smart and bonded with their mothers as breastfed babies. With Dr Sasha Howard, author Madeleine Morris taks a look at the evidence surrounding society's ideas on breast and bottle feeding, and sheds new light on our assumptions. They show mums the best ways to bottle-feed to encourage bonding, and give them the strength and information to feel confident with their feeding choices.
Let's be clear: this is not an anti-breastfeeding guide - breastfeeding is a wonderful thing. What Guilt-Free Bottle Feeding gives you is all the facts about feeding your baby - the practicalities and realities - and then lets you decide what is best for you and your family so you can give your baby the best start in life.
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Finch Publishing
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  • Make informed choices for your baby

    by on

    As someone who believes that women should be free to make their own informed choices about what happens to their bodies, I was very excited to purchase this book for a friend who is a new mum.

    I remember very well the guilt and despair felt by another friend of mine 15 years ago when she 'failed' to breastfeed successfully. It drove me crazy that I didn't have the scientific proof or even the anecdotal evidence to convince her that she was doing the best she could and at the very least was not doing her baby any harm. 'Guilt-Free Bottle Feeding' provides all of the information I needed to reassure my friend back then and it will be a very interesting and helpful read for any new mothers right now who are wrestling with the pressure to feed their babies in the traditional manner if it just isn't working for them.

    Far from being an 'anti-breastfeeding' tract, though, this book is actually a 'pro-choice' text. It provides the know-how parents need in order to bottle feed successfully and supports mums in their choice through succinct and thoughtful insights from other mums and a broad range of expert testimony without ever disparaging breastfeeding and its benefits and proponents.

    The authors, (you may know Madeleine Morris from ABC's 7.30 Report), are erudite and entertaining and both write from the point of view of mothers helping out other mothers. The tone of this book is intelligent, inclusive and reassuring- like having a friendly cup of tea with some very well informed girlfriends.

    Clearly and fluently written, organised for easy reference and packed with thoroughly researched scientific arguments, 'Guilt-Free Bottle Feeding' provides a supportive and informative read for any new mum who has decided or come to realise that breastfeeding is not for them. Ditch the guilt, ladies!

  • Fathers, be informed and be supportive!

    by on

    As a father of two children and grandfather of three grandchildren, I'm going to speak to fathers, particularly those about to become a father for the first time.

    No doubt you'll have seen the "breast is best" message everywhere you look, but the message nobody talks about is the real possibility that breastfeeding may not be possible and when this happens, often it's a confusing time for the mother who has heard nothing but the "importance" of breastfeeding, which sadly, in many cases, leads to feelings of failure, guilt and Post-Natal Depression (PND).

    As a father, it's your responsibility to support your special lady during what could be a confusing time. The very best way to avoid adding to the guilt and being the best support you can possibly be is to be accurately informed of the real facts about formula feeding.

    Madeleine Morris' book "Guilt-Free Bottle Feeding" is not only a great read, it reveals the truth about the real differences between breast and formula feeding that can go a long way towards avoiding the feelings of failure and guilt often experienced by a new mother facing difficulties with breastfeeding.

    Fathers, take your responsibilities seriously by buying and reading this book prior to the birth of your new baby so you are ready to be the best supporter you possibly can be for your special lady when she needs you most.

    And my personal advice to new fathers from an "old" father is to just chill and enjoy your new baby, because it's such a special time of life... and congratulations!