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Healing After Narcissistic Relationships

Healing After Narcissistic Relationships

Recover using Emotional Intelligence, Cognitive Therapy CBT, Social & Empath Skills, Self-Compassion, Neuro Programming NLP, Subliminal Affirmations, CBD Oil

by Debbie Walker

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 10/10/2019

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Buy the Paperback on and Get the Kindle eBook for FREE Have you ever felt completely blindsided by the way someone with a narcissistic personality disorder can treat others, and yet somehow live with themselves?If you have actually encountered a narcissist, be it by workplace relationship, romantic relationship, or family member, the amount of emotional and mental tension placed on an individual as a result of a narcissist's tactics can be extremely exhausting and psychologically debilitating. For someone not in a direct relationship with a narcissist, the tactics used by someone with the disorder can be shocking regarding the level of their extreme egocentric viewpoint.

The psychological destruction caused by the narcissist's deliberate tactics stems from an extreme viewpoint of superiority. The personality disorder can be traced back for hundreds of years throughout society and is not new in its origination. The concept of narcissism originated from a Greek myth, in which a young man fell in love with his reflection in a pool of water. Becoming increasingly obsessed with himself over time, he eventually died next to the water as he could not leave his reflection. The trait has always been connotated as negative, and yet while society often is quick to label those that are self-centered as "narcissistic," the percentage of society that actually has narcissistic personality disorder only makes up 0.5% to 1%. The traits of the disorder are in all actuality very common to people; however, the level that those actually diagnosed with it are extreme to the point that a narcissist actually believes that they are better than everyone else.

While it can be difficult in trying to understand the perspective from which a narcissist views the world and others, this book touches on how to better understand and recover from the well-known definitive brainwashing tactics of narcissists. You will be able to recover from and therefore see through the tactics of narcissists after reading through the material covered in this book, intended to help one through the aftermath of a narcissistic relationship. Touching on several topics such as emotional intelligence, the benefits of cognitive therapy, and ways to focus on self-compassion, this book will be able to shed light on a convalescent approach to helping you on the road to stability and normality after having a relationship with such an individual.

This book is written from the perspective of someone who personally encountered a narcissist. Having no prior conception of or knowledge about narcissistic personality disorder, therefore resulting in being traumatized by the individual suffering from the disorder for the next six years of the relationship. However, it is more than possible to convalesce successfully and healthfully from the psychological trauma. The ability to regain normalcy and knowing that you are not alone in this recovery is key in the recovery from the tactics of a narcissist. There is light at the end of this tunnel, and you have the keys to healthy living through recovery in this book.

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By purchasing this book, you will set yourself up for success as you are led step by step to regaining yourself, recovering your psychological independence once again and becoming you before the narcissist!

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