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Hearty Jalapeno Recipes

Hearty Jalapeno Recipes

A Complete Cookbook of Dish Ideas with HEAT!

by Thomas Kelly
Publication Date: 23/08/2019
Do you like SPICY foods? The HOTTER the better? Meet the jalapeno pepper, one of the most popular ways to bring HEAT to lots of dishes you can make right at home. This recipe book will guide you through breakfast, lunch, dinner and even DESSERT recipes that boast the inclusion of jalapeno peppers. Actually, jalapenos are not the most fiery of chili peppers, but they will lend a wonderful spark to cheese, jellies, marinades, salsas and entrees. You can eat them roasted, raw, pickled or sauteed, and the heat will be subtly different, depending on how they are prepared. Before you jump into the kitchen and take a knife to a jalapeno, be sure to glove up first. They can burn your skin. You don't want to touch your eyes after slicing jalapenos, either, unless you de-glove first. If you're a fan of jalapenos but prefer a bit less heat, simply remove the innards and seeds before cooking with them. Those areas contain the most heat. If you remove them and eat only the fleshy part, you'll still get a kick of flavor, but nothing that's too hot to handle. Let's explore some of the many ways you can use jalapeno peppers to put some HEAT in your recipes. It's time to explore the spicy universe of jalapenos.
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