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Hell on High Seas

Hell on High Seas

Amazing Stories of Survival Against the Odds

by Rob Mundle
Publication Date: 01/12/2010
Hell on High Seas chronicles some of the most remarkable stories of survival and daring that the world's oceans have hosted over the past half century. Bizarre, unbelievable accounts of people who went missing and were given up for dead, only to miraculously reappear, apparition-like, months later. Amazing feats of daring on the high seas - some verging on madness, others where death is eluded through sheer courage, determination and innovation...or even divine intervention? Read about these astonishing accounts; Five Mexican fishermen went to sea for a three-day shark-fishing trip vanished and nine months later three of them reappeared; Maurice and Maralyn Bailey spent 117 days adrift in a rubber dinghy in the Pacific after their yacht was capsized by a whale; and Steve Callahan survived for 76 days in a rubber raft after his tiny, 6.5-metre long yacht sank while he was racing solo across the Atlantic.
True stories of heroism
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HarperCollins Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd
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Rob Mundle

Rob Mundle established his international identity as an author in 1999 with his gripping factual account of one of the world’s most dramatic sporting tragedies, the 54th Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.

His book, Fatal Storm, became an international bestseller. It is published in six languages and has sold well over 200,000 copies a remarkable achievement for this category in publishing. His three most recent books, ‘Bligh – Master Mariner’, ‘Flinders, The Man Who Mapped Australia’, and ‘Cook from Sailor to Legend’, achieved No. 1 bestselling status across Australia within a few weeks of being released.

‘Bligh Master Mariner’ has been released in the UK. Rob has now published his 14th book, a fresh and insightful look into the activities around the First Fleet sailing to Australia, and the men and women who became the cornerstone of the foundation of the nation. Rob Mundle was awarded an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) in 2013 for his services to Sailing and Journalism.

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