Hello, Shadowlands

Hello, Shadowlands

Inside Southeast Asia's Organized Crimewave

by Patrick Winn

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 07/06/2018


An expose of Southeast Asia's criminal underworld in the 21st century and its surprising links to the West.

Hello, Shadowlands is the story of Southeast Asia's anarchic enclaves and their hidden connections to the West..

There is no better place to observe the clash between old codes and the pressures of the 21st century than on the darker parts of the map, beyond the tourist trail, where armed clans rule.

Spanning Thailand's insurgency zone to the swamplands of Vietnam, investigative journalist Patrick Winn spent two years travelling amongst the lives of those bound by hard truths. These are places where, in the absence of law, ordinary people must summon brilliant ingenuity to survive.

The book penetrates the worlds of Islamic crust punks, dog thief syndicates, North Korean restaurateurs and others chasing fortunes in the shadows.

These characters aren't just tormented by local tyrants. Their lives are also complicated by greater forces - especially Western conglomerates or old U.S. foreign policy misdeeds, still reverberating through the region.

Life in the shadowlands isn't always ponderous: from the guerrilla fiefdoms of Myanmar to punk-rock squat houses in Aceh, humour can still flourish, and Hello Shadowlands is the most accessible guide yet to these bleakly dangerous places.

Politics & government
Paperback / softback
Publication Date:
Icon Books, Limited
Country of origin:
United Kingdom
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Patrick Winn

Patrick Winn is an award-winning American journalist who covers crime in Southeast Asia. His work has appeared on NBC News, The Atlantic, the BBC and other outlets.

Currently the Asia correspondent for Public Radio International, each week Winn's voice is heard by millions on NPR stations. Since 2008, he has lived in Bangkok and reported almost exclusively on Southeast Asia.

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