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Help Yourself

Help Yourself

Learn to Produce, Publish and Promote Your Book on Your Own

by Sybrina Durant and Christie Eilers
Publication Date: 30/05/2015
You can produce, publish and promote your book on your own absolutely FREE of any cost. This instruction book will show you how to do it all by yourself. There is nothing more beneficial than knowing how to "help yourself". As an author, you must help yourself. You will not only be the writer, but in most circumstances, you'll have to format the book yourself. You'll have to publish it yourself and you will have to do all of the marketing and promotion, too. Nobody WILL do for you what you will do for yourself. No one is going to care about your ideas as much as you do. Even if someone takes enough interest in your book to help you along, it will still be up to you to get the message out (promote and market it). You've got to believe in yourself. You must believe, deeply that your book has value. If you follow the instructions here, you will become an independently published author and you can immediately begin to promote your book to your sphere of influence and beyond.
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Sybrina Publishing & Distribution
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United States
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