Her One and Only

Her One and Only

The Keeper Series: (Book 1)

by Denise Sullivan

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 06/12/2013

Transplanted New Englander, Rebekah Waters, is a young and very talented sous chef and dessert connoisseur, who has just become a new partner with wealthy socialite and event planner extraordinaire, Gail Abnernathy. Excited to become a partner with one of Los Angeles' well-known "multi-million dollar residents and business moguls," Rebekah realizes there is something-or someone-missing in her life. After meeting and dating the wrong guy time and again, she is all but given up on real love-that is until she sees him. Meet Jake Turner, wealthy art connoisseur and entrepreneur-and he has just moved into Rebekah's private community. He finds Rebekah not only beautiful to look at, but quite possibly the woman he has been searching for all of his young life. His lady love Eliza has been a bad girl and Jake is quick to hand over her walking papers. Once single again, he sees his opportunity to get closer to the beautiful, full-figured African American Queen who lives just feet away from his front door. Rebekah is no stranger to interracial love but is quick to tear down the secure walls that she has put up to guard her heart, just to let in that certain neighbor of hers. It is sheer luck (or is it), that they are thrown together in business, which only leads to insatiable nights of pleasure that the two of them can no longer deny. However, there is another, lurking in the shadowing, spying on her-stalking her. He wants her for himself. What will he do to get her all to himself?
Paperback / softback
Publication Date:
America Star Books
Country of origin:
United States
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