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Hideout 1

by Jack Heath
Publication Date: 01/12/2020
5/5 Rating 1 Reviews
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A tense, unputdownable thriller from the author of Hangman.

Timothy Blake has nothing to lose. He's headed to an isolated house in rural Texas with a hammer in his pocket and murder on his mind. His target is Fred, the ringleader of a criminal empire on the dark web. Once Fred is gone, Blake can disappear for good.

But it turns out that Fred isn't alone. Five other psychopaths live in the house. They work together and call themselves the Guards. Torture, extortion and death are their business. Blake manages to convince them that he's one of their online associates. Soon they think he's a monster, like them. They're not wrong.

Blake decides to pick them off one by one. But when a Guard is found with a bullet in his skull, Blake realises that someone else in the house may have the same idea - and he might be their next target.

Meanwhile, who are the desperate people chained up in the building behind the house? One of them will change everything . . .

A bloody, twisted roller-coaster of dark action and suspense from the acclaimed bestselling author of Hangman.

Thriller / suspense
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'Gloriously messed up . . . A crime series like no other.'
- Gabriel Bergmoser, author of The Hunted

'Heath will make your spine tingle and your fingers flip pages.'
- Candice Fox, author of Crimson Lake

'Thrilling, grisly and inventive: Jack Heath has single-handedly increased my carbon footprint through lights left on.'
- Ben Stevenson, author of Either Side of Midnight

Jack Heath

Jack Heath is the best-selling author of more than 20 action-packed books for kids aged 6-14. He fell in love with books in primary school, when an ear infection left him unable to do much other than read. In high school he was frustrated by the slow pace and lack of excitement in most teenage fiction, so he started writing his own novel.

It was picked out of a slush pile and published while he was still a teenager, and it soon became an international success. Since then Jack's work has been translated into several languages, shortlisted for many awards and optioned for film and television. His novels—and his enthusiastic presentations at schools and festivals—have gotten thousands of kids hooked on reading.

In the course of his research, Jack has toured morgues and prisons, performed as a street magician and travelled through 11 countries, including Russia. His previous day jobs—in which he met many interesting characters—include fry cook, music teacher, TV salesman, call centre worker and most fun of all, bookseller. He lives on the land of the Ngunnawal people in Canberra, Australia.

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating

5 / 5 (1 Ratings)
  • Blackly funny and enormously entertaining

    by on

    Hideout is the third book in the Timothy Blake series by award-winning Australian author, Jack Heath. The plan had been for Timothy Blake to kill Fred with the hammer stuffed down his waistband, enjoy a last meal (Fred), then suicide, removing his own monstrous presence from the world. But that all goes awry when Fred mentions that his five close friends (of the same murderous inclinations) are here, eager to meet him.

    Blake is introduced to the others, a group calling themselves The Guards, and shown around the remote forest mansion. The Guard engage in something that Blake unwittingly, but to their delight, dubs “Justice Porn”: they kidnap offenders (paedophiles, rapists, domestic abusers, scammers, white supremacists) who have been released by the justice system and film their torture and murder for viewing by internet subscribers on the dark web. A group of such people is currently held captive there for the group’s, and his pleasure.

    One tiny complication is that the Guards believe him to be Shannon Luxford aka Lux, one of their prolific torture video contributors, but Lux was Blake’s latest victim, now buried in Huntsville State Park. Thus our favourite cannibalistic monster is trying to fool a house full of monsters into believing that he is a different sort of monster (one he only ever met twice). If any of them twigs to his true identity, things might get rather unpleasant. The best solution would be to kill them all…

    Blake knows he could call the police, “But then I wouldn’t get to eat the Guards. A thousand pounds of meat, wasted.” He does face a dilemma, though: “I only eat bad people. It’s not much of a moral code but it’s what I have. The Guards have a similar policy. Which puts me into a difficult position, ethically… Is it bad to kill people who only kill bad people?”

    But before Blake gets a chance to indulge, an intruder triggers the motion sensor cameras in the surrounding trees, then one of the Guards is shot dead. As Blake maintains his act with each of the remaining Guards, he makes an unsettling personal discovery, and then a new torture candidate arrives to change the whole game.

    Once again, Heath gives the reader an engrossing (although some might say gross) read with an excellent plot, some clever twists and a dramatic climax. The story neatly illustrates power of the internet and social media. As with past books in the series, Heath prefaces each chapter with a riddle, a clue to which appears in that chapter. Again, there are spoilers for the previous book(s) so it is important to read this series in order.

    Blake’s inner monologue and his unsaid asides are often laugh-out-loud (if darkly) comical: “I pick up a bread knife. It’s been years since I used one of these on actual bread. The serrated edge is perfect for sawing through tendons.”

    In this instalment, Blake has a close encounter with a human-sized meat grinder, performs an autopsy, has a mishap with pepper spray, and finds himself running customer support for a dark web torture site. Lacking the opportunity to dine on any of them, and because the Guards are environmentally conscious vegetarians, our favourite cannibal remains ravenously hungry for most of the novel.

    There’s plenty of dark irony, especially regarding what the prisoners are fed and their ultimate fate, and this is probably not a book to read while eating or on public transport. If Heath keeps chopping bits off his protagonist, he’ll need to get quite creative with further books in the series, but given his previous work, that’s unlikely to be too much of a challenge for this talented author. Blackly funny and enormously entertaining: fans will not be disappointed in this latest taste of Timothy Blake.
    This unbiased review is from an uncorrected proof copy provided by Allen & Unwin.