Horrible Histories : Blood Curdling Box

Horrible Histories : Blood Curdling Box

20 paperbacks in a boxed set

by Terry Deary and Martin Brown

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 01/12/2008


This work features all the foul favourites from the Horrible Histories series presented in a blood-curdling box with flip-top lid.

It contains twenty books, including:

  • Savage Stone Age
  • Awesome Egyptians 
  • Groovy Greeks 
  • Rotten Romans 
  • Cut-Throat Celts 
  • Smashing Saxons 
  • Vicious Vikings 
  • Stormin' Normans
  • Angry Aztecs 
  • Incredible Incas
  • Measly Middle Ages
  • Terrible Tudors 
  • Slimy Stuarts
  • Gorgeous Georgians 
  • Vile Victorians
  • Villainous Victorians
  • Barmy British Empire 
  • Frightful First World War 
  • Woeful Second World War
  • Blitzed Brits

Ages: 8-12

History & the past: general interest (Children's / Teenage)
Paperback / softback
Publication Date:
Country of origin:
United Kingdom
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Terry Deary

Terry Deary is one of the UK's most well known authors of children's books. With over 6 million copies of the Horrible Histories series sold in the UK alone, Terry Deary's name is a prominent feature on bookshelves across the land.

It was with great glee that Terry Deary realised, at the age of 13, that he could write. It took him another twenty years to discover he could be paid for it. Since then, Terry has written over 200 books!

Terry writes from his home in County Durham where he lives with his wife an d daughter. It takes him anything between six hours and six weeks to write a book! In writes for six days a week, so free time is rare. However when h e does have free time he enjoys acting, local cricket, supporting his beloved Sunderland United football team and running to half-marathon distance for charity.

The Horrible Histories series has been translated into twenty-five different languages, from Welsh to Russian! It has also been produced as a TV series on CBBC.

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