How to Lose a Few Kegs (Without Busting a Gut)

How to Lose a Few Kegs (Without Busting a Gut)

10 tips for less fat, more fit

by Gus Worland

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 01/08/2016


My approach for less fat and more fit a funny, no BS guide by popular radio host Gus Worland.

Gus Worland weighed 150 kegs, but whenever he tried to slim down he failed. Lettuce leaf diets left him hungry, hard-core training left him sore and sorry, and thousands of dollars of gym equipment left him broke.

Then he found out he was doing it all wrong. With the help of health and fitness trainer Brad Pamp and his family, Gus discovered he could lose a few kegs without busting a gut.

In this no-BS guide, Gus, now 45 kilos lighter, shares his story and sets out 10 tips for less fat and more fit.

Find out:

  • How Gus did it
  • Tricks and tips for eating better without getting hungry
  • Why you don't have to ban beer or bacon. In fact, a few beers are okay and you NEED to eat good fat if you want to lose weight
  • Why walking is NOT for old people
  • How to do more exercise without busting a gut
  • Why hard-core training rarely works 
  • and more.

Everything in this guide is tried and tested

Men's health
Paperback / softback
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HarperCollins Publishers
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Gus Worland

GUS WORLAND can be heard daily on Triple M Sydney's award-winning radio program The Grill Team. Previously he hosted the FOXTEL programs AN AUSSIE GOES BARMY, BOLLY and CALYPSO and more recently THE MARATHON MAN, which covered Gus's weight-loss experience and completing the New York Marathon.

In October 2016, he presents MAN UP, an ABC series about men's health. BRAD PAMP, a leading exercise and health specialist, has coached Gus for two years and featured in THE MARATHON MAN. Brad runs individual and corporate health programs and races in the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon.

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