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How to Manage Profit and Cash Flow

How to Manage Profit and Cash Flow

Mining the Numbers for Gold

by John A. Tracy and Tage Tracy

Publication Date: 10/09/2004

"Finally, a book that provides invaluable hands-on financial and accounting concepts for use by the thousands of frontline business owners and managers battling for survival each and every day. While 'Wall Street' gets the headlines, "Main Street" gets the job done." - Robert Svet, CEO, President, & Founder, The Eastridge Group of Staffing Companies. "In today's competitive business environment, decisions must be made in a quick, reliable, and confident manner. This book provides CEOs, business owners, and managers clear, concise, and easy-to-understand business financial management concepts to make these types of value-added business decisions." - John Atencio, President & Founder, John Atencio Jewelry."How to Manage Profit and Cash Flow" provides streetwise advice and practical strategies for business managers and other professionals who need to make critical business decisions.
From methods for analyzing past and future profit and cash flow information to differences between massaging the numbers and cooking the books, short, to-the-point chapters that are visually appealing will help you see through opaque accounting terminology and allow you to gain a firm grip on how to manage profit and cash flow in your business. Through three comprehensive sections: "Birthing a Business," "Building a Business," and "Selling or Burying a Business," as well as an Accounting and Financial Glossary, "How to Manage Profit and Cash Flow" discusses key issues, including: investing in assets; preventing fraud; handling taxes; raising capital; finding cash for growth; and, terminating a business.
Investment & securities
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John Wiley and Sons Ltd
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United States
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