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I Am a Woman

I Am a Woman

A Celebration in More Than Fifty Photographs

by Mary Sue Englund
Publication Date: 06/04/2021
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I Am a Woman is a powerful collection of black and white photographs featuring iconic women from past to present, celebrating the depth and breadth of the female experience. From Dolly Parton to Mother Teresa, and Oprah Winfrey to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, these striking portrayals showcase the journeys of this diverse mix of heroines from all walks of life.

Based on a song of the same name, graphic designer, author, and singer-songwriter Mary Sue Englund created the book to inspire and encourage women of all ages. Within these pages, each of the song lyrics is matched to the more than fifty women chosen to represent and embody those words. These photos are matched to brief bios or inspirational quotes to illuminate both the woman's story and related lyrics.

Among those featured are:

Mary Jackson
Lucille Ball
Malala Yousafzai
Rosa Parks
Eleanor Roosevelt
Coretta Scott King
Princess Diana
Barbara Walters
Simone Biles
Anne Frank
Wilma Rudolph
Bethany Hamilton

I Am a Woman includes a dedication page for honoring a special woman and her story with a photograph of her choosing, placing her among this collection of amazing women. Also included is a free link to the song that inspired the book, and a portion of the author's proceeds will be donated toward various women's organizations.

These women, whose stories have been told or are unknown, help us to reflect on the women in our lives that inspired us to greatness: mothers, grandmothers, teachers, coaches, friends, and mentors. Whether you or someone you know is marking a milestone, fighting adversity, wondering where life is leading, or simply celebrating life, I Am a Woman will be a perfect gift, certain to remind us all of the beauty, gifts, talents, and power of women everywhere.

Praise for I Am a Woman: "I am proud to be a woman and I am proud to be included in this wonderful book of inspirational women. I hope to always be an inspiration not only to other women, but to the world. God bless you, Mary Sue Englund!" -- Dolly Parton "Together with timeless images that in and of themselves speak thousands of words, the impact is undeniable. I fell in love from the start with the song "I Am a Woman" written by my dear friend, bandmate, and collaborator Mary Sue Englund, and songwriter Thom Shepherd. I have had the pleasure of seeing audiences respond to it with a jolt of recognition, often followed by tears. I knew the song succeeded for the same reason that any work of art succeeds: because it rings so true." -- Pam Tillis
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United States
3rd Edition
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