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Illuminae 3

The Illuminae Files_01

by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
Publication Date: 21/10/2015
5/5 Rating 3 Reviews

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Kady and Ezra thought their break-up was messy until they witnessed their entire world literally falling apart. Now they're are piecing together what's left of their lives, and their romance, and trying to survive an intergalactic war.

The year is 2575, and two rival mega-corporations are at war over a planet that's little more than an ice-covered speck at the edge of the universe. Too bad nobody thought to warn the people living on it. With enemy fire raining down on them, exes Kady and Ezra - who are barely even talking to each other - are forced to fight their way onto the evacuating fleet, with an enemy warship in hot pursuit.

But the warship is the least of their problems. A deadly plague has broken out and is mutating, with terrifying results. The fleet's AI, which should be protecting them, may actually be their enemy; and nobody in charge will say what the hell is going on. As Kady hacks into a tangled web of data to find the truth, it's clear only one person can help her bring it all to light: the ex-boyfriend she swore she'd never speak to again.

Illuminae is the first book in a heart-stopping, high-octane trilogy about lives interrupted, the price of truth and the courage of everyday heroes.

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1st Edition
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Amie Kaufman

Amie Kaufman is the New York Times and internationally bestselling co-author of The Illuminae Files (Illuminae, Gemina) and the Starbound Trilogy (These Broken Stars, This Shattered World, Their Fractured Light.)

Her award-winning books are published in almost 30 countries, and she is based in Melbourne, Australia, where she lives with her husband, their rescue dog, and an extremely large personal library.

Jay Kristoff

Jay Kristoff is the award-winning author of The Lotus War, The Illuminae Files and The Nevernight Chronicle.

He is a winner of the Aurealis Award, nominee for the David Gemmell Morningstar and Legend awards, named in the Kirkus Best Teen Books list and published in a dozen countries, most of which he has never visited.

Being the holder of an arts degree, he has no education to speak of. Jay is 6'7 and has approximately 13380 days to live.

He abides in Melbourne with his secret agent kung-fu assassin wife, and the world's laziest Jack Russell. He does not believe in happy endings.

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3 Reviews

If your'e worried this book won't live up to the hype, don't worry. It is amazing, the plot keeps you on your toes, the way the pages are made keeps you engaged. Its a book that will make you gasp with every relevation. Go read it now, you won't regret it.

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This book was so much fun! I am not a sci-fi fan but this book was the most fun I have had in a long time. It was fast paced through out and I found that I was attached to the characters by the end of the book.

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Illuminae surpassed all of my expectations and I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to. The book itself is stunning and definitely a visual treat. It's told entirely through emails, IM and other documents and it made for such a cool reading experience unlike any other.

The story itself starts slowly but the second half really picks up. I literally could not put it down and had to keep reading well into the night to finish it. It's thrilling and full of twists that I didn't see coming.

Honestly I didn't particularly care for the characters. I think that the format of the novel made the character development quite weak and it was difficult to connect with them. I also didn't have much interest in the romance, however its strengths were far more significant. I don't think that it would be as memorable and thrilling a read as it was if it was told in a traditional narrative style.

Think of Illuminae as a kind of Portal meets World War Z meets Star Trek - AI, a creepy virus and spaceships combine for a thrilling (and sometimes almost terrifying) read that I highly recommend!

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