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In-House Lawyers Handbook

In-House Lawyers Handbook

by Ian Jones

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 06/06/2012

Butterworths In House Lawyers' Handbook is the first and only text to bring together all the practical guidance, precedents, expert commentary and key source material for the in-house law department.

In-house lawyers in all types of institutions will benefit from the insights Ian Jones' commentary provides. The book covers all the key planks of the internal legal advisors' role, from managing a legal team to handling the procurement process.

In today's world, in-house counsel in businesses and the public sector are expected to have a thorough understanding of the aims and activities of their institution, and relate that understanding to the advice they give their employer. Aside from this requirement, the in-house lawyer needs a high level understanding of a range of legal issues in multiple jurisdictions and to know how to access that information quickly. This book assists that by providing key precedents and accessible information on a range of the most common issues in core jurisdictions.

Butterworths In House Lawyers' Handbook also:

* Helps in-house legal teams demonstrate their value to the business and especially to the FD
* Provides comprehensive best practice guidance on the role of the in-house lawyer
* Includes useful precedents
* Is accessible and portable
* Teaches you how to make decisions about the legal team and outsourcing/in-sourcing based on value to the business
* Collates useful black letter sources, making it a one-stop shop
* Is of use particularly to in-house lawyers newly managing teams
* Benefits solicitors in private practice by providing unique insights into the world of clients
Legal skills & practice
Paperback / softback
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LexisNexis UK
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United Kingdom
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