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International Cheesecake: Good Girl Comics Around the World

International Cheesecake: Good Girl Comics Around the World

by Ron Goulart and Daniel Herman

Hardback Age range: + years old Publication Date: 31/07/2018


Internationally renowned comics historian Ron Goulart and publisher Hermes Press present International Cheesecake: Good Girl Comics Around the World Goulart is known for his writings on the pulps, comics, newspaper strips as well as having written Good Girl Art, which specifically focused on artists in the United States. This all new art book takes the reader on a journey all throughout the world, from Argentina (Arturo & Louis Cazeneuve, The Flame, Aquaman) to Italy (Enzo Magi, The Blonde Panther). It features art by Rene Pellarin (Durga Rani: Reine des Jungles), a sexy "Queen of the Jungle" and as its title make clear surveys artists of the feminine form all over the world.

Beautiful women abound in this book-- from the blatantly erotic to the traditional peek-a-boo that cheesecake is known for. Goulart covers it all including, for instance Italian artist Milo Manara, who drew Click, a comic about "a woman who transforms into a nymphomaniac when a button is pressed."

Goulart discusses both the stylistic choices of many of the artists as well as including historical background of both the comics and the men (and women) behind the pencils and inks.

This tome explores artists from all over the world, and includes original art from a large selection of artists, as well as a striking cover of Ghita by Frank Thorne. Don't miss out

Age range:
+ years old
Publication Date:
Hermes Press
Country of origin:
United States
Dimensions (mm):

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