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Invasion at Bald Eagle

Invasion at Bald Eagle

by Digital Fiction and Kris Ashton

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 03/10/2018

A secret government agency was set up to protect our world from alien invasion. But something has slipped through the net...When the small-town residents of Bald Eagle, Colorado, begin to act strangely, Sheriff Bert Grayson suspects newly arrived hippie guru Derek Brolin is to blame. But Brolin tells a very different story, about a mysterious silver object that changed the members of his commune in terrifying ways.

Bert is skeptical, not least because Brolin has been conducting a secret affair with Bert's daughter. But as Bald Eagle's residents begin to disappear, the lawman must accept Brolin's preposterous claim: that his sleepy town has become Ground Zero for an extra-terrestrial invasion.

Bert rounds up a ragtag band of deputies to try to repel the creatures, but he is about to discover the alien invaders are not the most imminent threat to his beloved town.

This is a good old-fashioned science fiction story that has a few twists and turns to keep you interested all the way to the end... - T.W. Brown

The story rips along, taking you and it's enjoyable cast through plenty of twists that surprised me. - Naz pattison

Highly recommended as a fun summer read. Can't wait to read this author's other books! - Jenneth Orantia

Grab your copy today! Free with Kindle Unlimited.Thank you for your interest in our novel. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed presenting it. - Digital Fiction

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Thriller / suspense
Paperback / softback
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Digital Science Fiction, an Imprint of Digital Fic
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