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Inviting Kosher Recipes

Inviting Kosher Recipes

A Complete Cookbook of Jewish-Style Dish Ideas!

by Thomas Kelly

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 27/06/2019

What is kosher cooking? How do you cook dishes so that they are acceptable for kosher meals?Kosher cooking is practiced all over the world. Jewish communities exist on each continent, and they all have their own regional dishes that are kosher and unique, as well. The thread tying these dishes together is their adherence to the dietary laws of Judaism. The rules for keeping kosher are called "kashrut" rules, and they are based on the Torah. This recipe book will bring you 30 kosher recipes that will give you valuable experience in preparing kosher meals. Kashrut prohibits Jews from consuming pork. But there are numerous other Jewish laws used to keep meals kosher. These range from what types of meat can be used (no shellfish or pork) to the ways in which animals are slaughtered, as kosher methods are widely considered to be more humane. Jewish people observe the kosher rules in different degrees. Orthodox Jews follow kashrut laws quite strictly. Reform and Conservative Jews usually observe the laws less strictly. Many modern Jews are virtually free to choose whatever works best for them. There are times like Passover, when laws are usually observed much more closely, and more Jews eat kosher meals during this time. Outside of High Holidays or Sabbath, some Jews are fine eating other types of foods. I hope this recipe book inspires you to learn more about kosher cuisine. Let's cook!
National & regional cuisine
Paperback / softback
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