It's Time for School!

It's Time for School!

Building Quality ABA Educational Programs for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

by Ron LeafMarlena Driscoll Craig Kennedy and others

Publication Date: 01/04/2008

This book establishes the advantages of a quality setting for the ASD student. This book covers how to establish an ABA Classroom, comprehensive training, consultations, evaluations, and one-to-one as well as group instruction. It addresses the importance of the quality of service at ALL levels, from school districts and supervisors, to teachers and bus drivers, to ensure a strong structure to each child's school experience. The book explains how to determine and optimize the best school placement for children with ASD. It explores increasing the receptiveness to ABA in the classroom setting and addresses the need for ongoing training for all staffing. There is a heavy emphasis throughout on keeping accurate data and the authors provide several checklists and a how-to primer for easy implementation. Also emphasized is the importance of the functionality of a behavioral assessment. This is a book that impacts and enhances every classroom for the child diagnosed with autism and is
Teaching of students with specific learning difficulties / needs
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Different Roads to Learning
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United States
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