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Jamais Vu

Jamais Vu

Strange among the Familiar

by Post Mortem Press
Publication Date: 30/09/2014

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The critically acclaimed journal from Post Mortem Press returns with its third issue. Contains New Fiction from ... * "The Floating Girls: A Documentary" - Damien Angelica Walters * "That Hideous Beauty" - Tom Piccirilli * "Stick Men" - Steve Rasnic Tem * An Excerpt from TOXICITY - Max Booth III * "A Ring of His Own" - Kenneth W. Cain * "To Sleep Long, to Sleep Deep" - Kristi DeMeester Poetry from ... * "In the Beginning" - Chris Shearer * "So What Caused This?" - John Grey * "The Nightmare Room" - Lauren Michaud * "In which I feel nostalgic after my mother's death" - Abigail Rizzo * "Mermaids Can't Fall in Love" - Stephanie Wytovich Movie and Books Reviews * Let's Talk About Strange... - Eric Beebe * The Motion Picture with Something to Offend Everyone A Review of The Loved One - William D. Carl * Love & Metamorphosis: A Review of The Fly (1986) - James Newman * There's Nothing Scarier than Reality: A Review of The Sacrament - Jessica Dwyer * What Would YOU Do? A Review of Craig Spector's Turnaround - Paul Anderson * The Monster Next Door: A Review of Dan Wells' I am Not a Serial Killer - Donald Jacob Uitvlugt * A Review of Henry S. Whitehead's Voodoo Tales - Alex Friedman Ephemera * I Had a Thought Today - Harlan Ellison(R) * First-Hand Fear: The Found Footage Genre - Jessica Dwyer * The Slender Man: Meme Gone Psychotic - KT Jayne * The Strange into the Familiar: Reinventing Craig Spector - Paul Anderson * Isla de las Munecas - Mexico's Island of Dolls * We'll Start Tomorrow: Wish Fulfillment in Shaun of the Dead - Anton Cancre * RE: Animated - Kenneth W. Cain
Anthologies (non-poetry)
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Post Mortem Press
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United States
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