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Just the Job for Dad

Just the Job for Dad

by Abie Longstaff and Lauren Beard
Age range: + years old Publication Date: 01/05/2014
Dad's job is so dull! But what if, instead of going to boring meetings,
Dad was out sailing the seven seas, defeating dragons or speeding
through outer-space? From a pirate ship to an international
space station, two siblings search high and low to find just the
job for Dad. But perhaps the perfect job is closer than they realise...

A laugh-out-loud tale from the author and illustrator of The Mummy
Picture storybooks
Age range:
+ years old
Publication Date:
Country of origin:
United Kingdom
Dimensions (mm):
Abie Longstaff

Abie Longstaff is the eldest of six children and grew up in Australia, Hong Kong and France. She knows all about squabbling and bossing younger sisters around so she began her career as a barrister.

She started writing when her children were born. Her books include The Fairytale Hairdresser series and The Magic Potions Shop books. She has a life-long love of fairy tales and mythology and her work is greatly influenced by these themes.

Abie got the idea for the Trapdoor Mysteries from her parents' house in France. The house is big and old, with lots of rooms and outbuildings. In one of the bedrooms, there is a secret entrance hidden in a fireplace. It leads to a room that was used by the French Resistance during the war. It was the perfect idea for a book!

Abie lives with her family by the seaside in Hove.

Lauren Beard

Lauren Beard is an illustrator based in Manchester. As a child she loved drawing and reading, and would write and illustrate short stories for her two younger brothers. She has been fascinated by animals, fairy tales and folklore since childhood, when she would visit her Irish Grandma and was told to "watch out for the fairies!" Her work is hand-drawn and coloured both digitally and by hand, using all types of media to get different textures. Lauren enjoys adding little details and modern humour to her illustrations appealing to children and adults alike. Lauren lives with her cat, Sushi, who keeps her company when drawing.

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