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Late Century Dream: Movements in the US Indie Music Underground

Late Century Dream: Movements in the US Indie Music Underground

Movements in the US Indie Music Underground

by Tom Howells
Publication Date: 17/09/2013
"Late Century Dream: Movements in the US Indie Music Underground" looks in detailed focus at a number of regional music scenes in the US independent music underground through the fertile years of the 1980s and 1990s, encompassing many different genres under the DIY banner. Featuring newly commissioned essays and extended appendices of new interview and oral material, "Late Century Dream" takes a fresh, detailed look at both lesser-reported aspects of familiar movements like grunge by way of progenitors such as Green River and Mudhoney, and other lesser-known but influential groups such as TAD and Skinyard and the 80s hardcore and punk scene in Washington DC, and in cities and regions with little or no prior discussion around their music scene. These include: the early-90s post-hardcore/early screamo scene which sprang up around Gravity Records in San Diego, including Heroin, Antioch Arrow, Three Mile Pilot and many others; the legacy of the Butthole Surfers and the development of the punk scene in Texas which encompassed groups such as The Dicks and Big Boys; and the three phases of Chapel Hill music, from the mid-80s tail end of proto-indie, through the legendary college-rock boom encompassing bands like Superchunk and Archers of Loaf, to late-90s iterations spearheaded by groups such as the White Octave and Sorry About Dresden, and many others. Divided simply in to chapters focusing on each different region or city, the book will also be illustrated with a wealth of archival and unseen promo, live and 'zine imagery. "Late Century Dream" is an exciting addition to Black Dog Publishing's music titles, following on from Black Metal and Krautrock, in giving readers an alternative view of the popular music scenes. Essays by: Noel Gardner lives in Michigan and writes for various newsstand publications and websites of note since 2000. These include, NME, The Quietus, Terrorizer and BBC Music. Pavel Godfrey contributes to The Quietus and writes regularly for Lurker's Path, an extreme music webzine. Brian Howe is a professional arts and entertainment journalist, editor, and copywriter from Chapel Hill. He regularly writes for Pitchfork and the Independent Weekly, among others, and is a columnist at Edge Magazine. He is the editor of The Thread, the blog of Duke Performances. Jimmy Martin is a London-based writer and musician who has worked for The Quietus, the BBC, Terrorizer and Plan B amongst others, as well as lecturing at the ICA. He has curated for Supernormal Festival and has had over 20 years of band experience. SELLING POINTS: "Late Century Dream" is a visual reader on the progression in underground music in the US in the 1980s and 1990s. Following on from the success of Black Metal and Krautrock, "Late Century Dream" provides an alternative take on the musical history of the US. Focusing on telling the stories of the regions and the merits of the bands or genres that derived from them, "Late Century Dream" charts the progression of the underground scene. Regions covered include San Diego, Texas, Chapel Hill, Washington DC, among others. Featuring interviews with seminal bands, album covers and a wealth of archival and unseen promo and live imagery "Late Century Dream" is an enticing social history of the underground music scenes in 80s and 90s America. ILLUSTRATIONS: 220 colour & b/w
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Black Dog Press
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United Kingdom
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