Legend of Zorro

Legend of Zorro

by Scott Ciencin

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 06/10/2005

In the early 19th century Don Diego de la Vega championed the people of Mexico against the tyranny of Spanish rule as the masked swordsman and hero Zorro. Twenty years later an orphan named Alejandro, whom Don Diego trained as a boy, becomes Don Diego's successor, serving up a similar brand of freedom and justice in California, reuniting Don Diego with his long lost daughter Elena and marrying the beautiful young woman. At last, in this riveting monetisation of the latest Zorro film from Sony Pictures and Zorro Productions Inc., the mantel is about to be passed again! Alejandro and Elena's marriage is suffering from the strain of Alejandro's work. They're on the very brink of divorce when Elena finds herself central to a Pinkerton sting operation that threatens to expose Zorro's true identity and risk Alejandro's life as well as place Elena's former beau, a French Count and suspected arms dealer, behind bars. It isn't long before seeking justice becomes a family affair, involving Elena, Alejandro and their beloved son Joaquin. Could this adventure possibly lead to reconciliation between the two lovers and to the succession, yet again, of the sword?
This adaptation of the forthcoming film "The Legend Of Zorro" completes the circle of history established by Isabel Allende's new book exploring the birth, life and times of bon vivant Don Diego, the first generation Zorro, and by the 1998 blockbuster film "Mask Of Zorro" which recounted the assumption of the mask by the equally dashing and principled second generation Zorro, Alejandro with the introduction of a possible third generation Zorro.
Thriller / suspense
Paperback / softback
Publication Date:
HarperCollins Publishers Inc
Country of origin:
United States
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