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Path to crafting your legacy

by Chris Clark
Publication Date: 12/09/2019
Have you ever felt as though you have no direction in your life? Are you just going through the motions? The fact is many people have felt this way throughout human history. Many people do not know precisely how to harness their potential. Some may even feel they don't have potential or maybe they are waiting on something. They may also feel as though they work tirelessly, but never seem to get anywhere.LifeFinder is a commendable book in its own area. The author has analyzed in-depth strategies to make life much more enjoyable. The book highlights internal motivation as a central theme to finding the right direction of success. Similarly, the book sketches a guiding chart for the readers to follow for success like vision, determination, discipline, introspection, and human will. The author deals with these like how hopelessness is learned and the consequences.One of the main objectives of this book is to find ways to determine your stuff, live a life of service, and leave your legacy. The author also directs attention to highlight the importance of mental health, traumatic stress, and emotional awareness. The book, therefore, acts as a guide to people facing such challenges in their life.This book is meant to be a guide to responsible human will for all families and households given how common "lack of motivation" is everywhere.
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Chris Clark

Chris Clark graduated from the Royal Military College 1972 and served in the Australian Army Intelligence Corps until 1979. Following this he worked in the Departments of Defence, Foreign Affairs, and Prime Minister and Cabinet.

After writing commissioned histories for six years, during which time he completed a PhD at the Australian Defence Force Academy, he worked at the Australian National University and the Australian War Memorial.

From 2004, until he retired nine years later, he was RAAF Historian and Head of the Office of Air Force History. He has written extensively on aspects of Australian defence over many years in a variety of publications as sole author, contributor and editor.

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