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Love Your Sister

Love Your Sister 1

by Samuel Johnson and Connie Johnson
Publication Date: 28/10/2014
5/5 Rating 1 Reviews

Part memoir, part travel diary, part conversation between siblings, Love Your Sister is an inspiring and unforgettable story that shows just how far one man will go for his sister.

Born a year apart, Connie and Samuel Johnson have always been close. Faced with the devastating news that they would soon be separated forever, they made a decision.

After already surviving cancer twice in her young life, at 33 Connie was diagnosed with breast cancer. But this time it was a whole different ball game. This time she was told she will die, leaving behind her two sons. As a young mum faced with her own death, Connie wanted to make it all less meaningless, and she knew just the way to do it - send her brother, Sam, on a one-wheeled odyssey around Australia. The aims: to break the world record for the longest distance travelled on a unicycle. To raise $1 million for the Garvan Research Foundation. And, most importantly, to remind women to be breast aware and stop others having to say goodbye to those they love.

Their message is simple: 'Don't fall into the booby trap.' Samuel has travelled through every state and ridden more than 15,000 kilometres to raise awareness and raise research dollars.

But Connie had a secret fourth aim: to fix Samuel. And it worked. Sam cleared his diary, cleaned himself up and tenaciously kept his promise to his dying sister.

For them the job isn't over. They are determined to raise more money for research. Connie vows to fight until her dying day and Sam says he will continue to fight until his dying day. These two remarkable and truly inspirational Australians share their tale, from childhood through to the finish line and beyond in this truly unique story.

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Hachette Australia
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Samuel Johnson

Samuel Johnson is a much-loved Australian actor with 20 years experience, best-known for his work on THE SECRET LIVES OF US, CRACKERJACK, UNDERBELLY II, RUSH and as the star of the hit biopic MOLLY. In recent times he is more proud of his work as a breast cancer advocate and determined unicyclist.

He won a Gold Logie in 2017 for his work on MOLLY and was named the Victorian of the Year for 2017 for his charity work to vanquish cancer. He has retired from acting until he has raised $10M for cancer research. So far he and his sister Connie have raised $7M.

Connie Johnson

Connie Johnson was a wife and mother of two beautiful young boys who worked in the disability sector for ten years until diagnosed with cancer. With her brother, Samuel, she founded the charity LOVE YOUR SISTER. The proud recipient of a Member of the Order of Australia, she passed away in September 2017.

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Customer Reviews

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5 / 5 (1 Ratings)
  • A wonderful gift from brother and sister

    by on

    I'll be honest. I wasn't expecting to enjoy (yes, enjoy!) this book as much as I did, even though it had me sobbing so hard at times.
    This is a story of sibling love (and rivalry), of growing up together, of being there for each other. It's the story of Connie Johnson, diagnosed with different cancers when she was 11, 22, and then terminal breast cancer when 33, and her brother Sam. Yes, it's about their experience with and the effect of cancer on their lives and those around them, and their awareness raising and fundraising efforts which saw Sam ride around Australia on a unicycle, but it's also a lovely, warmhearted memoir of their lives together, in which both Connie's and Sam's voices shine through clearly.
    It's also insightful reading matter for any who know anyone who has any type of cancer or terminal illness, at any age. Which sadly, let's face it, most people will. If you've never know what to do or say around someone who is that sick, then you'll find some ideas here (and some on what not to do.) Those who have received diagnoses themselves may also find something in here to help them come to terms with their own impending death.
    You'll laugh and you'll cry as Sam and Connie share their journey with you. I for one thank them very much for sharing it so honestly.